Al Champsi

  • Engineer / Project Manager
  • Toronto
  • Jul 23, 2018
Full time Engineering Facilities Government Purchasing-Procurement Transportation - Traffic Control

Personal Summary


I am a motivated and a seasoned professional with more than 25 years of progressive experience in Infrastructure Improvement Initiatives of Water and Wastewater Assets with extensive dealings with Utilities, Consultants, Mechanical and Electrical Contractors in planning, developing and implementing new technologies to existing and new water treatment facilities.

My responsibilities included Project Management, Consultant & Contractor Management, Construction Supervision, Software & Hardware Integration, Health and Safety.

I have sound knowledge of various engineering design principles; ability to read and interpret contract documents and other technical documentations, coupled with strong project management skills including stakeholder management, cost control and scheduling techniques

With good understanding of construction related practices, construction inspection, codes, standards and regulations including the Construction Lien Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Act and excellent familiarity with procurement/contracting principles, the development of contract documents, and the tender evaluation/award process

As a SCADA Integration Coordinator for the Region of Halton, I have been a lead in many of the Region’s Water Wastewater Infrastructure improvement initiatives some of which include:

  •  Mid Halton Admin. Building Expansion
  • OKSW, OKSE, Milton and Georgetown Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades.
  • Biosolids Management Facility SCADA and Network Upgrade.
  • SCADA Implementation at Wastewater Pump Stations.
  • Wireless Backup Alarming System for the Region’s Water and Wastewater Pump Stations

As a Project Manager, I worked with Senior Management and Region’s Operations Group in identifying process enhancements needed for improving operational efficiencies of the Region’s Water Wastewater Assets, I worked closely and supervised Consultants and Contractors on the design and delivery of these Capital Infrastructure Improvement Initiatives.

My experience is all-encompassing; from writing RFP’s and RFQ’s, hiring and working with Consultants during the design and contract document stage, to supervising of Contractors through the construction & commissioning phase, (FAT/SAT), addressing of contract deficiencies and award of substantial completion.

Throughout my years of experience, I have developed respectable and strong relationships with the Region’s Stakeholders, Consultants, and Contractors.

I look forward to meeting with you to further discuss my suitability.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best Regards,

Al Champsi

Work Experience

SCADA Integration Coordinator
Feb 2005 - Feb 2018 Region Of Halton


Motivated and a seasoned professional with more than 25 years of progressive experience in Systems Integration and Automation of Water and Wastewater Assets with extensive dealings with Utilities, Consultants, Mechanical and Electrical Contractors in planning, developing and implementing new technologies to existing and new water treatment facilities.

Responsibilities include Project Management, Consultant & Contractor Management, Construction Supervision, Software & Hardware Integration, Health and Safety.

I have a strong history of execution of projects from RFP Stage to Pre-design, Design, Tender, Contract Award, Construction, and Commissioning to Warranty Phase.

Skills Summary

Project Management

  • Manage Infrastructure Improvements of Water Wastewater Assets - SCADA System Integration & Design of Network Infrastructure.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills and the ability to develop and manage both internal and external relationships.
  • Liaise with the various Region’s stakeholders in defining the scope of the desired Infrastructure Improvements.
  • Creation, review and evaluation of (RFP’s) Request for a Proposal and (RFQ’s) Request for a Quotation for Capital Infrastructure Improvements.
  • Write Council Bid Reports and liaised with the Region’s legal and purchasing departments to execute the Engineers MEA Agreement.
  • Work with the Engineer and various Region’s stakeholders through the Pre-Design and Design stages in the development Contract Specifications and Drawings.
  • Worked with Consultants with the preparation of Tender and Contract Documents and with Evaluation and Award of Tenders.
  • Contract Supervision, Execution and Co-ordination, fielding (RFI’s) Request for Information, managing contractor change order requests, conduct monthly project/construction meetings with the Consultant, Contractor and Region’s team.
  • Managing/Processing Consultant and Contractor Progress Payments.
  • Identify contract deficiencies, verify correction of contract deficiencies, Award of Substantial Completion.
  • Participated in Value Engineering and Hazard Assessment Sessions.
  • Good understanding of Class Environmental Assessment Process.
  • Development of the Region’s PCS/SCADA Systems, Alarming and Network Standards.
  • Worked with the Consultant’s Software team in ensuring that the Region’s Standards are maintained in the PLC (Allan Bradley) Code and Wonderware/InTouch HMI development.
  • Good understanding of Safe Drinking Water Act, Environmental Protection Act, Construction Lien Act and Occupational Health and Safety.
  • Engaged in the development of Disaster Recovery Plans.
  • Proficient with Windows XP, MSOffice Suite/ Word/ Excel, Visio, ACAD, SAP.


Technical & Field Experience

  • Control systems include PLC, RTU, HMI, SCADA, Auto diallers, Variable Frequency Drives (VFD/VSD), Network Communications, iFix, Wonderware/In-touch.
  • Developed Region’s Standard Templates for Process Control Narratives.
  • Hardware & Software specification, selection, sizing, configuration, programming, inspection, testing, Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), installation, final commissioning, Site Acceptance Test (SAT).
  • Network Architecture, Fiber Optic System- wired & wireless hardware & software selection, interfacing
  • Review of P&ID’s and Control loops, Control panel design, Pump control circuits, MCC’s
  • Network Design & Setup (Core Closets & NDE’s).
  • Extensive field experience including Start-up, Commissioning and Customer Training
  • Provide Operations support with recovery of process data from SQL Servers and Wonderware Historian for MOE reporting.



Education & Professional affiliations

APEO                                    Eligible

Degree Mechanical Engineering Technology                                                                            Ryerson University

Diploma - Network Infrastructure Engineering                                                                        The Institute for Computer Studies

Diploma Electronic Engineering Technology                                                                           G.B.C.


Project Management Professional                                                                                                SPM Learning Studies                   

Modules completed:

Advanced Contract Law, Project Management Concepts, Managing Project Time,

Project Risk, Project Quality, Project Integration & Project Charter


MBA Essentials – Enhancing Organizational Performance                                                        Learning Tree


Network Configuration & Network Trouble Shooting Hands On                                              Learning Tree


Other Training:

Contractor Project Safety Management

Active Canadian Emergency Training, W.H.M.I.S, Intrinsic Safety in Hazardous Process Areas, Working at Heights, BA, EMI / EMC, First Aid/ CPR training.


Selected Achievements /Experience


Region Of Halton:


2014-2018                            SCADA Implementation of 8 Wastewater Pump Stations       (Phase I & II)                                      


  • Wrote the RFP for the; SCADA Implementation at Eight Wastewater Pumping Stations. The key benefits of this SCADA Implementation to operations group included the ability to reduce risk during high flow events through real-time monitoring and control of the facilities. Other groups identified benefits associated with data collection for planning and reporting purposes including inflow/infiltration studies, predictive maintenance activities, and wastewater master planning initiatives and for energy management opportunities.
  • Worked with waste collections group and other stake holders to develop and finalise scope of work, and determine which pump stations were most pressing and would benefit the most with the SCADA Upgrade.
  • Conducted site surveys of the pump stations to determine:
  • Scope of Upgrades needed (I/O, recent MCC upgrades, Panel Size and Placement etc.)
  • Worked closely with Burlington Hydro and the Consultant for the Utility Upgrades required at these Pump Stations.


2016                       Mid Halton Admin. Bldg. Expansion

  • Organised and Conducted review sessions with the various stack holders (Managers) on the design submissions of the building. - HMM – the Consultant/Architect.
  • Identified issues in the current HVAC System at Mid Halton and got the Consultant to address these short comings in the new HVAC design.
  • Planned out staging of the construction in old building.(which would remain occupied through the construction)
  • Did a detailed furniture needs assessment for the new building, and worked with the supplier to come up with a detailed BOM
  • Did Technical needs assessment for the Conference rooms, Printing room, Library, Labs, Work Shop Area.
  • Got buy in from the various stack holders on the design of their space and tracked decision logs for upper Management and Consultant/Architect


2012-2013                            W.A. Johnson Biosolids Facility SCADA and Network Upgrades


  • Wrote the RFP for the; Biosolids Facility SCADA and Network Upgrades, awarded the Design and Construction management for the Upgrade to IBI MAAK. (Worked with Biosolids Management Facility team and the Consultant to ensure the needs of the facility were incorporated in the design.)
  • Worked jointly with the Consultant and Contractor to ensure the deliverables were meet and authorized progress payments.
  • Worked on the design to upgrade the Fibre Network Infrastructure of the facility to achieve CommScope Certification.
  • Attended Hardware and Software FAT’s and SAT’s during the Commissioning Stage.
  • Construction supervision from the Region’s side, develop and finalise scope of work, and determine which pump stations were most pressing and would benefit the most with the SCADA Implementation.


2006-2012            SCADA Upgrades of: Oakville South West Waste Water Treatment Plant, Oakville South East Waste Water Treatment Plant, Georgetown Waste Water Treatment Plant and Milton Waste Water Treatment Plant    

  • Improve DO Control
    • Automate Step feed functionality
    • Improve Secondary. Effluent flow monitoring.
    • Optimize Network Topology
    • Migration from the PLC5 platform to a Control Logix platform
    • Standardize across the Region the Chemical Injection System to Optimize Chemical usage and achieve operational efficiencies.
    • Incorporated recommendations coming out of the SCADA Master Plan
    • Bring to the Region’s latest Standards, ICP’s & PLC hardware/software, Network/Communications Equipment, HMI-Wonderware/In-Touch Apps, Alarming System


Wrote the RFP’s for the SCADA Upgrades of the above Wastewater Treatment Plants.


Worked with the Region’s Operations group and other stake holders in identifying their needs of process improvement and SCADA/automation, wrote the RFP’s, hired the Consultants and worked with them through to the development of Specifications and Drawings during the Pre-Design and Design Stages, and development of  PCN’s, PLC Code and HMI Interfaces.


Post design, worked with the Region’s purchasing and legal team’s in releasing the tender to the Street, put together an evaluation committee to evaluate the bids and manage the project through the Construction, Commissioning (FAT/SAT), addressing of contract deficiencies, award of substantial completion and warranty phase.


2002-2005            Site Supervisor – MacViro Engineering Consultants


Was stationed at the Harris Water Treatment Plant – City Of Toronto, as a Construction Health and Safety Inspector when the City went through a major PCS Upgrade initiative of their Water Treatment Facilities.

  • Monitored Contractor H &S & organised tail gate meetings
  • Supervised Construction and Managed Contractor Progress Payments.
  • Facilitated Client reviews of Shop drawing submissions
  • Managed RFI’s & RFQ’s, Change Orders
  • Witnessed FAT’s and SAT’s
  • Minuted monthly construction progress meetings.


Degree Mechanical Engineering Technology
Sep 1980 - Apr 1984 Ryerson Polthechnic Institute