The Chief will demonstrate a strong sense of commitment to the people of Windsor while presenting a visible and respected profile in leading the Windsor Police Service (WPS).  The Service oversees a city with a growing immigrant population and recognized for its cultural, ethnic, and economic diversity.  An essential responsibility will be in building constructive working relationships with the community, its partners, and stakeholders.  Success in addressing issues of crime and public safety can only be achieved through the coordinated efforts of the police, community and social agencies (as well as neighbouring police and law enforcement organizations such as the OPP, RCMP, CBSA, and the City of Detroit, & the State of Michigan).   The Chief must take the lead to ensure that the Windsor Police Service plays a significant role in developing and sustaining these initiatives, with a strong focus on prevention and education.  They must have the confidence to lead the Command team with a clear sense of direction, delegating while holding final accountability for results. 
Partnerships / Community Relations 
• Develop an in-depth appreciation for the Windsor community – its demographic make-up, culture and values, and the changes/pressures, both social & economic • Establish a strong, positive working relationship with the Police services board • Accept the need to maintain a high profile within the community, finding constructive ways to raise the profile of the Police Service • Build on the desire of the community to work in partnership with the police • Maintain an ongoing focus & dialogue with community agencies in identifying and addressing causes of crime – as a basis for prevention initiatives 
• Maintain a visible presence at all levels of the Service • Closely monitor the indicators of morale • Be an enthusiastic spokesperson for the Service • Promote the positive work being done • Deal with any discipline issues • Demonstrate a commitment to the highest standard of professionalism & integrity • Manage public perception and expectations of the Police Service 
• Ensure adherence to a strategy & business plan that establishes priorities for the Service based on: • A true understanding of community needs & the available resources • Providing “value for dollars” through the effective deployment of resources across the organization • Develop innovative human resource strategies to address the changing demands on the Service • Examine selection criteria and the selection process for sworn and civilian staff • Ensure that professional development & coaching/mentoring are priorities within the Service 
• Identify training & development opportunities for civilian staff • Development of creative, proactive strategies to bring more diversity to the Police Service 
• Encourage and maintain the climate of constructive, ongoing engagement with the Windsor Police Association • Maintain an open, constructive relationship with colleagues in the Regional government • Lead the development of a proactive communications strategy 
General Responsibilities 
• Provide strong leadership to all staff • Reinforce an environment that enables the Service to recruit, motivate & retain an engaged workforce • Work with the Board to ensure a clear understanding of governance & accountability guidelines • Enhance the visibility, credibility, and image of the WPS with all sectors of the community • Develop and ensure the responsible implementation of a realistic strategic & fiscal plan • Revitalize the Police Service’s commitment to crime prevention and community based policing • Address capital and facility requirements, and champion the adoption of reliable, efficient, and forward thinking technology and operational processes 
Leadership Experience 
• Experienced leader • Strategic thinker and manager • Superior interpersonal skills • Excellent business judgment 
Personal Values / Management Style 
• Personal traits such as integrity, courage, enthusiasm and professionalism • Straight forward, open and approachable – receptive to the input of subordinates • Reputation for fairness & impartiality: leads by example • Politically astute:  develop relationships with the Board, Association, various government and community leaders • Openness to ideas combined with a willingness to make decisions • Strong work ethic, sense of humour, positive/can-do attitude 
Windsor Police Service offers a competitive salary and benefits package.