Will AI put you out of work? Maybe not!

Elon Musk fears artificial intelligence…and he has reason to do so. For years AI has been putting people out of work. The adoption of extreme automation, AI, robotics, will continue to put pressure on low and middle-skilled workers.

However, this means an increase in demand for skilled and adaptable professionals in the industry. Thus, those who may lose their jobs to AI will end up back in the workforce in another role.

A recent study published in the journal, Nature Human Behaviour, shows that employees feel more threatened by other people taking over their jobs, not robots.

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This is what researchers from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and Erasmus University in Rotterdam have discovered. Workers see AI and automation as an employment threat, but they tend to feel less upset about the takeover.

Researchers found that humans are less likely to compare their self-worth and importance with robots at work. They are more likely to do this comparison with colleagues.

Workplace automation impacts workers psychologically

There’s a term floating around the market: technological unemployment. This refers to the phenomenon of jobs being lost to automation. Here’s where employers can step in and help keep worker anxieties low by offering them the ability to develop new skills.

This is when they can work on plans to create strategies for keeping worker future secure.

It’s also an opportunity for companies offering training to swoop in and scoop up the training opportunities. It leads to greater partnerships in the community, with colleges and technical institutes. Hence, it’s important for organizations and workers alike to adapt to change instead of fighting it.