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The City of Peterborough, communities of Lakefield and Cavan Monaghan are growing and thriving through an extensive economic development portfolio. Peterborough and its surrounding region offer extensive tourism opportunities along with a growing business and industrial base. Peterborough is seen as the community of choice for work, leisure and recreation. From advanced manufacturing and aerospace development with our ever expanding airport, to agriculture and clean technology industries, Peterborough offers something for everyone including: arts and culture, tourism, superb elementary and secondary education facilities through to advanced learning opportunities through our local college and university institutions. In addition, Peterborough is very proud of our downtown business core consisting of quality retail services, restaurants, specialty stores and an excellent customer focus. Our expanding business, residential and commercial sectors are supported by one of the finest, most modern health facilities in Canada, the Peterborough Regional Health Centre. The City of Peterborough is one of the oldest cities in Canada and enjoys an industrial base which includes some of the world’s most recognized employers while continuing to see expansion in local small business and entrepreneurial ventures.