Town of Cochrane

Cochrane, Ontario is a great little town, roughly half anglophone and half francophone… the town has a great history and even some famous “sons”. For example… did you know that Cochrane is the birthplace of Tim Horton, a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame? … yes! - the very same Tim Horton who founded the Tim’s where you get your coffee was actually born right here – who knew! 

Originally settled in the early 1900s Cochrane is a town in northeastern Ontario. It is located, south of Moosonee, and about a one-hour drive northeast of Timmins, the major city of the region … If you can’t quite picture where it is allow me to put it in perspective. Its about a 7-hour drive straight up Yonge Street from Hamilton Ontario … that’s where Tim Horton opened his first donut shop.