It’s been a year since we’ve had recreational cannabis in the office. At that time, there was much hue and cry raised by critics about the increased impact of drugs in Canadian workplaces. 

But cannabis in the office has had less of an impact, according to a recent survey done on the topic.

Results say that 86% of Canadian workplaces surveyed still have the ban in place. This means employers forbid cannabis consumption before, during, and after work, according to an ADP survey of 1,160 Canadian workers.

Only eight per cent of the respondents reported that they can use cannabis at their workplace.

About 75% of Canadians believe recreational cannabis did not impact health and safety at work. A further 74% said it did not impact productivity. Another 71% believe it did not increase absenteeism. Also, 70% concur that it did not change their quality of work.

On the other hand, out of the workers who were allowed recreational cannabis at work, only 63% said they consumed it before work. Another 47% said they use cannabis during work hours and 72% said they use it after work.

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Recreational cannabis edibles, extracts, and topicals will become legal this year. You can still come up with proper workplace guidelines and policies.

There is no magic formula for testing for impairment from cannabis. There is no exact or definitive way to determine a per­son’s level of impairment when it comes to marijuana. That is largely due to the time it takes to metabolize marijuana out of a one’s system. Hence, managing impairment needs strong supervision and policies.

Employers can work out effective oversight policies, worker supervision standards, and implement an impairment-management program. 

However, experts stress that oc­cupational impairment can be caused by a variety of substances. Employers should remember to include pain medications, such as opioids and other drowsy over-the-counter drugs, in these policies.

So don’t make cannabis in the office your enemy, instead, make wise choices to help your employees stay productive and effective.