Municipal employees are a hive of energy. They’re buzzing to get busy and going, but how do you, a municipal employer, hone their skills and harness that energy effectively?

Remember, municipalities are made up of several working departments, oiling all these departments will make sure the entire municipality is running smoothly.

Let’s find out with these tips!

A Great Environment 

This doesn’t just mean you should be saying hello to your employers every time you pass by their desk. It also means their physical work environment should be spacious, clean, well-lit and sufficient to give them the motivation to make their best effort.

Enable Self-Improvement

So you’ve hired a highly skilled municipal team, but does that mean that’s it for their professional development? It’s easy and simple. Keep note of their personal talents and try and match them with any municipal trainings that may come up. 

Help Set Goals

As a municipal supervisor, you shouldn’t have to micro-manage your employees, but it helps them if you guide them in setting goals. To make sure their time is used in the most efficient and productive manner, instruct them to aim for high priority goals for each day. Make sure municipal goals are clear to your team right from the start

Be Positive

Bring a rainbow to work. Play some music. Give them a pep talk. Make the atmosphere a positive one, so your team feels happy at work. Happy workers make happy work.


Sometimes even the most skilled municipal employees get stuck. It’s ok. Take a deep breath yourself and tell them to take a deep breath, too. Then listen to what they have to say and create a collaborative plan, which may involve requesting help from a couple other employees. Avoid spreading a “fear” culture. It’s a no-no in today’s workplace.

Being a good leader certainly isn’t always easy, especially in meetings, when everyone has something important to say. However, everyone’s time is precious and there are only so many hours in a work day. Make sure meetings are lead with structure and purpose and don’t go off the rails and end up wasting everyone’s time.