LOGOJO – Local Government Jobs List Inc. aims to meet the growing demand for good, qualified administrative municipal leaders through the ever growing list of exceptionally qualified men and women who visit our site every day. We do this by creatively bringing thousands of the very best men and women face-to-face with outstanding municipal career opportunities across Canada. 

Job boards are nothing new, but we wanted to do our part to make it really simple for All 3572 municipalities in Canada to post jobs and for ALL 608,094 municipal employees to find jobs on a specialized platform … and that goes for EVERY town and city right across Canada … coast to coast to coast.  

The Local Government Jobs List Inc. LOGOJO.ca is a place for municipalities to post their open positions and potentially reach hundreds of thousands of municipal employees … And a place for municipal employees and even potential municipal employees to connect with those great opportunities.   

We realize that while some candidates are more or less “passive” and not job seekers – they like to be “in the know”, however, there are lots of others who are “actively” looking and many of them bring plenty of talent and energy to the table too. We also saw an opportunity to make careers in municipal government more accessible to the people we know … and after all these years we know plenty of great people and they know us.