Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Replacing Human Recruiters It’s a scary thought, but if we can get flying cars that can drive themselves, this may happen, too. 
Given the time-heavy nature of recruitment municipal and otherwise, it’s only probable that this will go the AI way, too. Come to think of it, we already use a bunch of AI to help us slim out our choices before we even ask candidates to come in for interviews.
Digital tests and personality tests performed over the internet have been around for a long time. But experts believe that municipal recruiters shouldn’t be afraid of losing their jobs to AI, instead, it will free them to look at other tasks that add to the value of the company.
Some advantages to AI as  a recruiter is that it’s great at transactional and analytical work, such as candidate screening or interfacing with career and employment sites.
However, it’s not entirely clear how AI can replace the human ability to detect nuance and personality assessment based on candidate expressions.
AI will may not be set to replace humans in sourcing candidates, rather, it will enhance the work of municipal recruitment professionals, but it may become an integral element of any recruitment drive, employing sophisticated algorithms.